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The Roundhouse

The former Chicago & North Western Railway Roundhouse and turntable were recently acquired by the City of Spooner. The Railroad Park Board and the Friends of Railroad Park are working to preserve the roundhouse and existing turntable for future generations to enjoy.


The Park

The Railroad Park Board is currently planning for what amenities the park will offer. The main focus is to preserve and showcase Spooner's rich railroad history and offer a gathering place for residents and visitors.

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Spooner's Rail History

Spooner was an important railroad center of the Chicago & North Western Railway, and handled tremendous tonnage.  A local newspaper reported on July 27, 1883: “The new town at the Division has been named Spooner, after Col. John C. Spooner, the attorney of the road”. A large passenger depot, freight depots, a restaurant, express office, switching yards, locomotive and car shops, roundhouse, lumber yards, and offices were constructed.  Approximately 600 persons were employed. Its large payroll was a vital part of the local economy.

Next Steps...

This project simply can't be accomplished without your help. We're looking to railroad fans, residents and anyone with an interest in the park to help us take our next steps. If you are interested in this project, we would love to talk to you. Donations are now being accepted as well.

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